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Sustainability Education Fellows Program

For information about the program and to apply to be a Fellow, see: 

  1. Fellows Program Concept (pdf)
  2. Short Description and Call for Applicants(pdf)
  3. Application  Packet



Brett Esaki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Georgia State University

Brett examines how religion cultivates and contests the development of sustainable multiracial communities. He focuses on art and the way it expresses realities of religious and social oppression and can serve as a medium for solidarity. Brett brings his knowledge of the worldviews and history of Asian Americans, African Americans, and Native Americans to analyze the depth of multiracial coalitions, including their potential to build sustainable futures and to perpetuate systems of exploitation. He also draws upon a diverse academic background in religious studies, theology, ethnic studies, psychoanalysis, music, and classics to build a manifold image of a flourishing humanity and to contest systems of dehumanization. 

Project: Developing a “Self-Concept” Assessment for Sustainability Courses in the Humanities
The current International Sustainability Literacy Test evaluates the development of scientific knowledge regarding issues of sustainability, yet it does not address the extent of the interdisciplinary aims of DANS. This project seeks to develop a second Sustainability Literacy Test with broadened assessment possibilities for humanities courses. In particular, it will measure how courses develop students’ “self-concept,” where students see themselves as integral to a sustainable future. Then, based on this assessment model, Brett will develop courses on sustainable spiritualities in art, urban green spaces, and politics.

Ben Galluzzo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Shippensburg University

Ben is dedicated to bringing sustainability themes into the undergraduate mathematics classroom. As the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) representative to Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL)-supported Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL) project, Ben frequently organizes workshops and conference sessions that allow college faculty the opportunity to learn about, develop and share sustainability-focused mathematics curriculum. Ben is the Principal Investigator on an NSF-funded project entitled “Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in Mathematics” (USE Math). The project is focused on creating single class period activities that can be seamlessly integrated into common general education mathematics courses. He also continues to collaborate with SISL colleagues to support the development and growth of interdisciplinary sustainability programs at institutions across the country. 

Project: Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL) Across Campus

Sustainability – how we live our lives, the choices we make, and our obligations to other people and the natural world – impacts every individual on a daily basis. As a topic of study, sustainability has the power to transform the higher education curriculum by providing us with a multitude of authentic real world issues for students to investigate. It is engaging, it is timely and it naturally spans disciplines. The “SISL Across Campus” project will bring together sustainability experts from a variety of disciplines to develop a structured approach for creating and maintaining sustainability programs at undergraduate institutions nationwide.

Madeleine Charney, M.L.S., M.A.L.D. 
Sustainability Studies Librarian, University of Massachusetts Amherst
As an academic librarian, Madeleine works across disciplines to infuse information literacy into the sustainability curriculum. At UMass Amherst, she co-facilitates the Sustainability Curriculum Initiative which pairs librarians with faculty members seeking to augment sustainability content in their courses. Madeleine presents, teaches and writes on the topic of librarians as systems thinkers who naturally fit into campus sustainability networks. She serves as Coordinator Elect for SustainRT, a new round table under the American Library Association and sits on the Executive Council of the U. S. Agricultural Information Network. She is also actively engaged with the Pioneer Valley chapter of Mothers Out Front, a Massachusetts climate change activism network.
Project:  Expanding and Strengthening the DANS Community
This project seeks to strengthen and broaden the DANS community through new membership generation and program development. Assisting with new and ongoing communication within the network as well as co-facilitating professional activities. 



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